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Recognised and awarded for excellence across a diverse range of achievements, Gary Dempsey Developments’ building projects set standards in multi level apartment buildings, lifestyle villages, commercial buildings, professional offices, schools, luxury homes and exclusive unit developments.

Delivering such an impressive range of high-quality, award-winning constructions on a local, national and international platform can only be achieved through a precisely considered design approach to each unique project. Every GDD project is designed from concept through to execution with the highest level of attention to detail and standard of workmanship that clients and industry have come to expect from a leading edge builder.

Creating the most aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient buildings through clever design initiatives, garners genuine attraction and real cost savings for residents or building owners.

GDD’s long term property industry experience paths the way to address and manage any site difficulties or budget constraints, without compromising quality or appeal. At the same time, transparency of operations and high end systems management delivers a seamless journey from design through to hand-over.

Combine this know-how and diligence with the type of leverage and support gained from strong partnerships with professionals in all aspects of the industry – and you have an elite level of experience, resources and trusted reputation that can be depended upon throughout every stage of project development.

Gary Demspsey Developments is the name behind some of the most exciting and innovative new commercial and residential development projects in the nation.

For the last decade, Gary Dempsey Developments has specialised in the procurement and development of premium sites enjoying river or ocean frontages. The recently completed apartment development at Bluewater on Scarborough Beach is an example of this recent work and offers a level of unprecedented coastal residential living in an iconic location.

“Careful selection of projects that reflect our personal ethos, such as the prestigious Taskers and Bluewater developments, builds upon our impressive portfolio of work and successful client relationships” Gary Dempsey.

Gary Dempsey

Gary Dempsey

Gary Dempsey has enjoyed a long career in the building industry prior to founding Dempsey Construction. A Perth-based businessman and entrepreneur with a broad based skill-set, his experience extends from commercial real estate planning, building construction and sales, to executive level management and business development.

Australian born and raised, Gary developed his intuitive mind and strong business prowess from an early age, completing his Builders registration while doing his apprenticeship and within a year, working on his own unit developments.

In 1989 Gary set up Strategic Constructions, a commercial construction Company which he managed successfully and most importantly profitably, until 1993 at which point Gary established his own development company Dempsey Building Pty Ltd.

Completing well over $100M worth of projects in Western Australia alone, this wealth of experience in the development and construction arena formed the basis for Gary’s next successful construction company venture, Dempsey Construction (WA).
Gary’s strategic planning and operations management proved pivotal in the Company’s major achievements which grew to bring many successful projects to fruition.

In the process of overseeing and managing the expansion of Dempsey Construction, Gary secured influential working partnerships with local and international partners, leading to the launch of new company, Gary Dempsey Developments – offering product and service provision to a global market with growing worldwide business affiliations. Gary’s calm resolve and commitment to service continually inspires and motivates his team to become part of the strength that leads to his companies’ success.

The intuition and foresight for profitable business developments, combined with the grass roots building knowledge and flexibility to move a project forward at all stages of development, guarantees the acclaim and economic profitability of Western Australia’s most highly regarded luxury developer, Gary Dempsey Developments.

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